Maydi's Frankincense resins and essential oils operation

The path from a Maydi Frankincense tree to the high quality essential oils for which we are famous follows a series of stages:

  • Sourcing: Our farms are located throughout the Somaliland Highlands

  • Tapping: We use tapping techniques that maximise quality whilst protecting the trees

  • Harvesting: Performed by trained and registered local communities

  • Seasoning: To prevent clumping of the resin tears

  • Batch Testing: Batch samples are distilled and tested for quality

  • Cleaning: Removal of foreign matter

  • Sorting & Grading: Resin tears are graded by quality

  • Distillation: Steam distillation of the resin in our facility in Dubai

  • Lab testing: GCMS profiles analysed for each batch

  • Packaging & Storage: Labelled by batch

Resin Harvesting & Seasoning

Sample Batch


& Lab Testing

Resin cleaning,

Sorting &


Tree sourcing

& Tapping

Final Oil Distillation

& Lab Testing

Packaging & Storage

Centralised Quality Control Protocols

Traceability, Tracking & Batch Control System

Transport to Dubai

Maydi Farms, Somaliland Highlands

Maydi Warehouse, Erigabo, Somaliland

Maydi Distillation Facilty, Dubai, U.A.E.

dummy distillation facility 3.jpg
dummy distillation facility 2.jpg

 Maydi's essential oil distillation facility in Dubai 

 Inspecting the raw material 

Resin Production

Sustainably harvested from Maydi farms in Somaliland

Oil Distillation


High quality distillation at our facility in Dubai

An innovative byproduct with beverage industry applications