Frankincense Essential Oil Steam Distillation

Maydi Frankincense essential oils are produced in our distillation facility in Dubai. Essential oils are the collection of hydrophobic secondary metabolites that can be extracted from Boswellia trees and are used in perfumes, flavourings and alternative medicine techniques such as aromatherapy. While a single compound may have a distinct smell, pure Frankincense essential oils are composed of hundreds of compounds that, when combined, create the distinctive aroma profile associated with our oils and our quality.

Guaranteeing Superior Highland Resins

Our Highland Carterii Frankincense is superior to the lower quality, mutated-grade common to the lowlands. It contains minimal-to-no traces of decyl methyl ether and octyl acetate components found in lowland Carterii. The origin of our Frankincense essential oils is always guaranteed and fully traceable back to the exact grove or microclimate used to supply the initial oleogum-resin.

Maydi Frankincense essential oils are steam distilled in Dubai from authentic Highland Carterii Frankincense and Highland Frereana Frankincense oleogum-resin. We are the only Frankincense oil producer to sample-distill and sample-test the quality of bulk oleogum-resins within Somalia. We use a small stainless-steel distiller and determine the essential oil's optical rotation value to monitor the quality of each harvest. In this way, we can assess the quality of Frankincense that grows in each region in advance of distillation, including the lowland regions. This helps us provide consistent Highland Frankincense essential oil quality to our customers.  


Steam Distillation for the Highest Quality Essential Oils

Equally important to the quality of the final oil is the distillation process. In steam distillation it is critical to have:

  • Good steam: Maydi has a state-of-the-art German made boiler that can supply up to 5 vessels with accurate and minutely adjustable levels of steam.

  • Good water filtration system: To extract as much mineral content as possible from water, preventing electrolysis inside the boiler.

  • Good condensing configurations: To see a greater degree of oil separation from the hydrosol. To avoid losing oil components, Maydi's technical team has developed a new double condensation system with stainless steel shells long enough to allow the separation from gas phase to liquid phase to travel slower.

  • Even heat distribution: Maintaining steam and heat distributed equally and uniformly throughout the resin avoids reflex and homogenization which can destroy quality of the essential oil.

  • Even pressure throughout the system: Once we start the steam flow, it is critical to have the volume and flow equal to the pressure inside the system to lift the oil up to the condenser. Failing to to do causes the heavy components to drop back in or be absorbed back into the biomass.

Distillation times

For the Aromatherapy market, Maydi restricts the distillation time to 6 hours or less per batch. This is because 85% of the most important elements in the oil needed for medicinal purposes are produced in the first 2 hours of distillation. Distilling longer than 6 hours maximises the yield, however this also results in the lowering or destruction of some of the most precious Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenes such as alpha-Pinene, alpha-Thuyene, Myrcene, Limonene, Sabinene, beta-Pinene, para-Cymene, Terpinene-4-ol and Thuyadiene.    

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Ensuring ethical sourcing & environmental protection

Resin Production

Sustainably harvested from Maydi farms in Somaliland


High quality distillation

at our facility in Dubai