Protecting Frankincense Trees for Future Generations

Maydi Pilot Tree planting Programme

We are mindful of reports of the pressure being placed on tree populations in other parts of Somaliland by the increased popularity of Frankincense essential oil in regional and international markets, leading to unsustainable harvesting techniques. Although Maydi Frankincense is only harvested from company and family owned farms, we wish to protect the tree populations all across Somaliland for future generations to benefit from. As a result, Maydi has implemented a tree planting programme to research sustainable agricultural approaches and monitor the quality implications of commercially growing Frankincense trees for production purposes. The programme faces stiff competition from local wildlife, such as camels and birds, who love to feed on the Frankincense!

Maydi frankincense pilot tree planting p
Maydi Frankincense local camels.jpg
Maydi Frankincense bird feeding on resin

 Sustainable agricultural approaches to Frankincense production 

 Our main competitors - camels and birds love to eat Frankincense! 

Supplemental Incomes for Women

Maydi Provides 300 Women with Seasonal Employment

The Gender Inequality Index for Somalia is 0.776 (with a maximum of 1 denoting complete inequality), placing Somalia at the fourth highest
position globally (United Nations Development Programme (2012). Somalia Human Development Report 2012: Empowering Youth for Peace and Development, p.xviii). As a result, providing female employment is a key component of Maydi's values and strategy. Each season, Maydi employs 300 women to sort and grade the resin tears based on colour, clarity and size. This provides a direct, supplemental and independent income to women who might struggle to compete for employment with men.

Maydi Frankincense female employment 1.j
Maydi Frankincense female employment 2.j
Maydi Frankincense female employment 3.j
Maydi Frankincense female employment 4.j

Creating Social Impact at the Community Level 

Maydi Community Crop Growing Programme

Access to fresh fruit and vegetables can be challenging in the remote and arid highlands of Somaliland. As a result Maydi has implemented a crop growing programme in partnership with local communities. Crops are planted and harvested during the rainy season (outside of harvest months) to enable these communities to feed themselves with fresh locally-grown produce. Maydi assists with the provision of seeds, provides training in basic agriculture and advises on sustainable irrigation from local mountain springs. Communities may use their crops however they wish; to feed their families or sell in local markets for a supplemental income.

Maydi Frankincense crop planting program
Maydi Frankincense crop planting program
Maydi Frankincense crop planting program

 Fresh fruit and vegetables being grown in community owned land with the support of Maydi programmes 

Working in Partnership with Communities


Co-operative Sourcing

As a Somalilander venture who have been part of the Frankincense trade for generations, we naturally feel a great sense of social responsibility. We started this venture to stop the rampant exploitation of our people and resources, and prove to the world that Somalians can source and distill authentic Somali frankincense essential oils. Maydi Frankincense works closely with tribal leaders, gatherers and sorters to build co-operative networks that benefit the Somali families.


Social Responsibility

We pay everyone involved in our business a fair wage, and give them the support they need to thrive and educate the growing generation. No one involved in our operations is ever exploited, overworked, or hurt through negligence. Maydi helps by building better infrastructure and creating better economic opportunities in the land of our birth – Somalia. Our goal is to build and sustain local production through international trade in order to benefit of our tribal community and future generations.

Maydi Frankincense tribal leader meeting

Maydi meeting with the tribal leaders to discuss harvesting methods and sustainability issues

Supporting Our Local Football Team

Maydi sponsors the Erigabo local football team where our warehouse is located in Somaliland. In a recent ceremony we donated uniforms to the team and the mayor of Erigabo presented Maydi’s Sourcing Manager & Family Farms Caretaker, Mustafa Hassan, with a certificate of appreciation.

Maydi Frankincense donates football unif
Maydi Frankincense donates football unif
Maydi Frankincense donates football unif


Ensuring ethical sourcing & environmental protection


Highland Frankincense

resins from Somaliland


High quality distillation

at our facility in Dubai